Tuesday, January 5, 2010



Christmas is behind us now, which means that another wish for a second TINY TIM hit single is in the books. I thought it might be a nice idea to show y'all some pictures of where this tradition got started. My brother, Napoleon, made the first wish for another Tiny Tim hit song in (as best I can remember) 1999. I joined him the next Christmas Day the following year, and we've since added a few more individuals (friends one and all) to The Tiny Tim Wish Fulfillment Team.

But since I have the ability to post photos of the location where the first wish was made, and where Nappy and I have made every subsequent wish for Tiny Tim each Christmas Day since then, I thought: Why not?

We drive through downtown Phoenix, Airheadzona, every December 25th, making a stop at a temporarily deserted (i.e., closed for the Holiday) outdoor mall called Park Central. It's located at Central Avenue and Earll Drive, between Thomas and Indian School Road on the northern-most outskirts of downtown Phoenix.

At Park Central Mall, we walk around to the back patio of the Park Central Deli where a fairly large fish pond is located. There we make our wishes that Tiny Tim will score one more hit song, and toss our coins into the Pool O'Water.

Below is a photo taken from the fish pond at Park Central Mall, looking south toward downtown Phoenix. I took this picture on January 2nd, while the deli was open for business, which explains the automobiles present. Ordinarily, on Christmas Days when Nappy and I make our wishes, that parking lot is completely empty.

All of the remaining photos were taken on Christmas Day 2009, while Nappy and I were there to fulfill our traditional obligations. Here is the front of Park Central Mall which faces east. 'The Good Egg' breakfast restraurant can be seen on the left.

Below is the front door of the Park Central Deli - it's just west of The Good Egg, inside the outdoor mall (inside and outside; figure that out, if you can).

The Deli's menu [decorated for Christmas] is posted on a wall near the front door.

On the back patio of the Park Central Deli is the fish pond. It's pretty neat, with its little waterfalls and its gold goldfish and white goldfish. (White goldfish? I dunno. I'm fishing for an explanation myself.) Anyway, this is where we make our wishes with fishes.

Here's another view of the pond. I brought along my compact disc of 'Tiny Tim's Christmas Album' and photographed it where the very first wish was made. Look closely and you'll see the quarter that Nappy placed in front of the compact disc to symbolize 'The Reason For The Seas-- er... I mean, The Reason For The Trespassing.'

And lastly, here's a shot of Nappy [wearing an Arizona Cardinals jacket], standing where he made the first wish for Tiny Tim on December 25th, 1999, and where we've made all of our other wishes for the Timster every Christmas Day since then. "God Bless Tiny Tim"... with one more Top 40 hit song, please.

I want to remind you all to be sure to notify me if you have ever made A Wish For A Second Tiny Tim Hit by dropping a coin into a body of water on a Christmas Day. If so, I will happily add your name to the Tiny Tim Wish Fulfillment Team roster. Give me your name, the year of your first wish and the general location that the wish was sent out from (e.g., the state, or city and country) and you will receive the public acknowledgment that you certainly deserve. Nappy and I would really like to see this Make A Wish For Tiny Tim idea become a large multi-national movement. For if it does, a second Tiny Tim hit song is a sure thang. Guaranteed. No kidding!

I thank you, Nappy thanks you, Tiny thanks you, and the fishes thank you (your money feeds their gambling addictions).

~ Stephen T. McCarthy
Doggtor Of Fishes & Tiny Tim Wishes


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Mr. Travelboy said...

Nice to see the Phee-nix locations.

Hey... why don't you start taking the Tiny cd cover wherever you go, looking for bodies of water in which to fling money? Photograph Tiny in all these places an' blog 'em up.

Nappy looks natty in his Cardy jackie, too. That game was WILD! I knew Rackers was gonna miss and throw it into overtime, and I had a bad feeling about it. Fortunately, I was wrong.


Stephen T. McCarthy said...

Didn't expect to hear from you while you was A-Travelin', Man.

That's a GREAT idea about takin' Tiny on the road with me from now on and photographing him near bodies of Wishin' Water. I think I'll do that... if I can remember. (Yer a genius! A genius, I tell ya!) Only trouble is, I don't travel much anymore. But when I do, Tiny's goin' too.

Yeah, that game was TOO MUCH. Nappy gave up on the Cards and walked away from the TV set. One and a half minutes later, I was yellin', "We won the game! We won the game!" Destiny, Baby!

Hey, three thangs on my plate today:
1) Get a haircut.
2) Write that Email to ya.
3) Go to work.

But shoot! It's already 10:00 AM, doggone it!

~ Stephen T. McMe