Monday, December 7, 2009



It is my great pleasure to inform everyone not reading this Blog that ‘STEPHEN T. McCARTHY STUFFS’ is the recipient of the prestigious METIBA. As I’m sure everyone is already aware, METIBA is pronounced “ME-TEA-BUH” and it is the acronym for one of the most respected honors in Blogland: the ‘Most Entertaining Totally Ignored Blog Award.’

I was informed just this morning that ‘Stephen T. McCarthy Stuffs’ had been nominated by Mr. Egbert Sousè of the METIBA board of directors and that it won the award after receiving unanimous approval by the METIBA election committee.

Unfortunately, the METIBA is just an honorary thang – I mean, it doesn’t come with a cash award, a gift certificate, or even a case of Mad Dog 20/20. In fact, there isn’t even a trophy to display alongside my old Little League ribbons. Nevertheless, I consider it a great honor to have had my Blog named as a METIBA winner; I feel quite proud of this accomplishment and I hereby vow to continue to conduct myself personally and continue to direct this Blog in a way that is synonymous with the high standards set by former METIBA recipients.

I wish to thank Mr. Egbert Sousè and the entire METIBA election committee for bestowing upon ‘Stephen T. McCarthy Stuffs’ and myself this illustrious award. And, naturally, I wish to thank YOU, my nonreaders, for making it all possible.

Sincerely Grateful,
~ Stephen T. McCarthy
King Of ‘Stuffs’


arlee bird said...

Who, me? I didn't see nothing I was just passing through blogland, never read this blog at all. And I didn't read that Ferret-Faced one either. But I like the pictures.


Stephen T. McCarthy said...

rLEE-b ~
I can't believe the committee got the name of my Blog wrong on the electronic certificate they sent me! They've got it reading "Stuff" rather than "Stuffs."

Oh well, since it will never be seen by anyone anyway, I suppose it doesn't much matter. Still, you'd think one of the most highly respected organizations in Blogland would at least get the name of the Blog correct if they are going to honor it in this way.

Well, let's just face it... quality in the U.S. is slipping in every respect.

~ Stephen
Doggtor Of Bogus Blogology

Sharon Mayhew said...

Do you think they use a PC or a MAC? That could be the problem...

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

Hi, Sharon ~
Actually, I think the problem may not be what they use but what they DON'T use. Their brains.

Say, in that little picture of you there, you look like Cybill Shepherd. How lucky you are! I wish I looked like Cybill Shepherd.

~ "Lonesome Dogg" Stephen

Og Oggilby said...

Ola, mi compadre ~

That Egbert guy is a DICK. A Bank Dick, to be more precise. What does he know about blogs?

I like the blog, and that is the ultimate compliment.

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

You got it, Og, my cinematically informed friend. (Or should I call you "Mr. Gradyboy"?)

~ "Lonesome Dogg" Stevieboy